Hi. We are
a Altermark

An Oohtech company specialized in Ooh and DOOH media planning fueled by market intelligence. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of OOH media planning by optimizing the convergence of unique media experiences and location-based data.

OOH Market Intelligence

The simplest way of implementing your media strategy with maximum efficiency, within the universe of Out of Home Media.

Interactivity and Engaging Specialists

Innovation acceleration supported by data to maintain consumers consistently engaged.

Transforming data into predictive information, and information into tangible results.

Entrust your OOH planning into the hands of the most data oriented team in Latin America. We are specialists in OOH media, data-driven marketing and delivering measurable results. Our focus on OOH data permits you to focus on your business and what you do best, while we deliver optimized results interconnected to your goals.

Hyper Targeting

Hyper location

Assignment & Dimension


What we do

Individuals + Data+Location+Media Experience =
Where the OOH Magic Happens.

By combining out of home media with technology, we have maximized our client’s impact in out of home space.

Potentializing your strategy

A comprehensive vision of data and space and how to obtain your results.

By means of a data oriented approach, we offer access to a framework of information. Such as, the identification of niche target audiences as well as the comprehension of the customer’s daily journey and how to intercept them at key moments to seamlessly generate the desired results.

How we do business

Connecting consumers to brands and brands to consumers, at key moments of receptiveness. The digital world is physical with intelligent market objectives.

Data Based Approach

By using data we locate your target audience. Next we evaluate the effectiveness of each of the means used to connect your brand to your potential client thus granting you ROI.


Our technical advantage to maximize client investments. We’ve created a data platform, which incorporates OOH bids across the region, thus guaranteeing the maximum results for your investment.


Global project cohesion with local implementation. A specialized team with one goal: Deliver unparalleled marketing campaigns to our clients.


We use technology to maximize investments. For more then 30 years we’ve built a strong relationship with the main media owners, maintaining a comprehensive and updated data base that evaluates the real price of each impact point, thus strengthening the bargaining power used to represent our clients.


Independence is our DNA. We deliver results to our clients.


We count on an extensive market and mobile database. We know where people are going and how they are getting there. We plan OOH to impact the opportune moments.

Our Ecosystem

The sum of the places passed in someone’s journey between leaving home and reaching their destination.

  1. Digital
  2. Transit
  3. Airport
  4. Shopping
  5. Indoor
  6. Outdoor
  7. Live
  8. Experiences

Our World

Trademark brands that make use of OOH for maximum results in their investments.

Our numbers





250 mi


Marketing campaigns implemented in the last 12 months from our offices in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Miami.

Our History

Pioneers in Out of Home since our start in Rio de Janeiro in 1987. We have continued the spirit of pioneering as we lead the fusion between OOH and technology. Over the years we have expanded our coverage to North America and beyond, being considered the foremost company in Latin America with the widest range of research and buying of outdoor media.

We are here to assist you in taking your OOH Marketing campaign into the Future


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